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Whitman: HP will be in the tablet business with Windows 8, long term decision about webOS coming

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Meg Whitman Windows
Meg Whitman Windows

Brand new HP CEO Meg Whitman announced a final decision to keep the company's PC division today, however, she also shared a bit about HP's tablet and webOS plans. When asked about HP's tablet strategy on the analyst call, she said that HP's continuing to focus on a Microsoft-based tablet and Windows 8 for that category. Todd Bradley followed that sentiment later on in the call by adding that he isn't deterred by Apple or Android devices: "we're at the beginning stages of a new segment. I hardly think that we're too late, the work we're doing with Microsoft is extraordinarily compelling, ultraportables are compelling." Bradley clarified later in the call that he was referring to notebooks and not phones.

There's no doubt HP's still extremely cozy with Microsoft, but what about its own webOS? Whitman nor Bradley had anything all that firm to add: "webOS is the next piece to complete. The whole team is working very hard to make the right decisions[...] We'll make a decision about long term webOS within the next couple months." That sounds about right, considering that's one of the last pieces of the messy Apotheker puzzle that Whitman's still got to place.