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Kindle Fire: Amazon making millions more than planned

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Bezos Kindle Fire
Bezos Kindle Fire

It looks like Jeff Bezos's expectation that Amazon would sell out of the "many millions" of Kindle Fires it was planning to make wasn't far from the truth. During the company's third quarter earnings call, Bezos mentioned that based on pre-orders, Amazon was "increasing capacity and building millions more than we'd already planned." Exactly how many millions total is it manufacturing? Bezos doesn't say, but we'll take him at his word that Amazon is making a lot of Kindle Fires. The launch event generated a feeling that the premium product at a non-premium price ($199) would be a serious contender to Apple's iPad even if it can't entirely compete on specs. We don't know how things will shake out when it ships in the fourth quarter, but Jeff Bezos certainly seems confident about the future.