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Samsung Galaxy Nexus to feature 'fortified glass,' not Gorilla Glass

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Galaxy Nexus Glass
Galaxy Nexus Glass

We detailed nearly every spec on the Galaxy Nexus for you already, but that doesn't mean that there weren't a few lingering questions about the device. Samsung has answered at least one of them today, telling Android and Me that the smartphone's 720p screen is covered by "fortified glass" of unknown provenance instead of the popular Gorilla Glass made by Corning. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's more prone to scratches or shattering, just that we have less of an idea of how it will stand up to keys, coins, and concrete than we would have if Samsung had gone with Corning's solution. Fortunately, we'll be able to find out the answer to that burning question soon enough — the Galaxy Nexus will be released in Europe on November 17th.