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Adidas announces miCoach Speed_Cell for athletic tracking

Adidas Speed_Cell
Adidas Speed_Cell

Adidas is looking to gain an edge in its competition with Nike in the workout tracker space with a new product in its miCoach line, the Speed_Cell. A simple dongle designed to fit into compatible Adidas shoes, the Speed_Cell competes directly with the Nike+ shoe insert. While Adidas doesn't have a complete line of products to match Nike's sports bands, watches, and iPod integration, it does hope to get a leg up by collecting more data. Previous trackers mainly focused on running distance, but the Speed_Cell will record things like average speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance at high intensity levels, and steps, which should prove useful in a variety of sports. The data can then be wirelessly transferred to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, where it can then be shared with fellow athletes on Adidas' website.

Apps specifically designed for tracking soccer and running stats will be released at launch, with more apps for basketball, tennis, and football coming in 2012. The miCoach Speed_Cell is set to be released on December 1st for $69.99, with a promise to release a full range of compatible footwear in the near future.