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Soundcloud app comes to iPad with iOS update

Soundcloud iPad app
Soundcloud iPad app

Soundcloud, the popular music sharing, listening, and distribution site, has launched an update to its iOS app that brings most of its core features to the iPad. While Soundcloud on the iPad features the same functionality as the iPhone app, the user experience is tweaked to take advantage of the bigger screen - you can easily search for and follow users, "like" songs, and view or add comments to tracks as they play. The commenting experience in particular is more intuitive and much easier to use than on the iPhone app.

That said, Soundcloud on the iPad appears to be missing one key feature - the only the option to add sounds to your profile is by recording directly to the app. If you want to upload music you've created on the iPad itself in apps like GarageBand, you're out of luck; users will have to import that music back to their computer and then upload. While Soundcloud offers a robust experience on the iPad, not enabling uploads from other apps is a major missed opportunity.