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Verizon delivers first 4G COW to serve events and emergencies with LTE

Verizon's first 4G COW can provide extra LTE capacity anywhere it's needed.

Verizon COW
Verizon COW

The COW — "cell on wheels," basically a truck with a telescopic cell tower attached — is an important part of any mobile operator's contingency plan, providing extra network range and capacity in a pinch for events with unusually high subscriber densities, natural disasters, and so on. Verizon has just delivered its first 4G COW, an LTE-capable unit that's going to Verizon's facility in Pembroke Pines, Florida for use in any part of the state when duty calls. Eleven Florida markets are already live with Verizon's LTE service, so the region was a logical choice to receive the first unit; there's no word on when others will launch elsewhere, but the company says that its "siblings [are] soon to come."