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Leaked Xbox 360 dashboard videos shows cloud storage and live TV options

New videos showcase the Microsoft's Metro UI-inspired dashboard update and reconfirm the inclusion of cloud storage and live TV options.

New Xbox 360 Dashboard
New Xbox 360 Dashboard

Judging by the recent spike in uploaded footage of the new Xbox 360 dashboard, it seems the most recent update — version 2.0.14448.0 — just started rolling out for the console's developer kits. The Metro UI-influenced design is largely what we saw when first unveiled earlier this year at E3 — a much cleaner user experience that on the surface seems easier to navigate. What isn't nearly as exciting visually — but indeed is probably the biggest takeaway from these videos — is the settings menu that shows where you select your live TV provider (no spoilers here; specific providers were not listed) and cloud storage settings. There are currently three options under cloud storage, including "on" and "off," but the third one, marked "back up saved games," is for testing units only and won't be present once this officially rolls out to consumers. Two videos after the break, and keep in mind this is definitely still a work-in-progress — the lack of (properly formatted) ads won't be the case come launch.