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Wacom introduces three new Bamboo tablets, two include multitouch

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Wacom has refreshed its Bamboo line of writing tablets with three new models. The most affordable of these is the $79 Bamboo Connect (pictured above), which trades in the multitouch capabilities of its predecessor for a digital pen and includes a copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Express. To get multitouch back, you can throw in an extra $20 for the $99 Bamboo Capture, an interesting rival to Apple's Magic Trackpad — you get gesture support and a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements that supports pen input. Finally, if you want all the features of the previous two tablets with an active surface twice as large, a pen with an erase function, and a copy of Corel Painter, you can spring for the $199 Bamboo Create. All three tablets are now available for purchase.