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'Steve Jobs – One Last Thing' to air this Wednesday on PBS

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Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

A retrospective on the life of Steve Jobs is being shown this Wednesday, November 2nd. Dubbed "One Last Thing" in a play on the phrase made most famous by Jobs in his keynotes, the show interviews some of the people who worked with, knew, or were inspired by the Apple CEO. These include Ronald Wayne, who co-founded Apple with Jobs and Steve Wozniak; Wall Street Journal tech writer Walt Mossberg; and Black-Eyed Peas frontman, whose song "I Got a Feeling" holds the record for iTunes' biggest selling track. Also featured is a previously unseen interview with Jobs from 1994, a couple of years before his return to Apple.

While the list of interviewees has some notable absences — Steve Wozniak in particular — it promises a candid look at the life of a man known for his attention to detail and credited by many for revolutionising both the computer and mobile industries. You can catch it on PBS this Wednesday at 10:00PM Eastern and Pacific / 9:00PM Central.

Update: Missed it? PBS are streaming the program for free on their website.