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Android tablets lost market share to PlayBook, iPad, says IDC

Motorola Xoom Movie Shot
Motorola Xoom Movie Shot

IDC reports that the overall market share of Android tablets dropped 7.2 percent in the second quarter, losing ground to the PlayBook and the iPad. Although the PlayBook had disappointing sales, it still managed to picked up most of the slack with a 4.9 percent increase, while the iPad gained 2.6 percent. But the numbers aren't necessarily bad for Android — the firm found the overall tablet market grew 88.9 percent over the same time period, so Android may just have a smaller piece of a bigger pie. That pie will be redivided in the third quarter, however, and IDC expects the canceled TouchPad to briefly take a portion before stocks finally dry up for good. Take a look at a table of IDC's exact numbers after the break.

IDC tablet market Share

1Q11 2Q11
iOS 65.7 68.3
Android 34.0 26.8
BlackBerry OS 0 4.9