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Comcast launches nationwide affordable broadband for low-income families

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Comcast Internet Essentials
Comcast Internet Essentials

When Comcast acquired NBC Universal, one of the promises it made to the FCC was to provide affordable broadband to low-income families, 54 percent of which are without high-speed internet access, according to a Connected Nation study. Comcast made good on that promise today by launching the Internet Essentials program, which gives qualifying customers internet access for $9.95 per month with no fees or price increases, and the option to buy a computer for $149.99 at enrollment. Customers who have a child eligible for free lunch through the National School Lunch Program can enroll through the 2013-2014 school year, and stay on the program as long as they have an eligible child living in the home.

Of course, you don't get a lot for just $10: the service maxes out at 1.5Mbps, which sounds painfully slow, but we'll commend Comcast for their cooperation in the FCC's efforts to close the broadband gap.