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ABC-Disney agrees to Amazon Prime streaming deal, extends existing agreement with Netflix

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The folks at the ABC-Disney Television Group have closed a couple of licensing deals this morning, which should result in yet more streaming options for eager viewers. The big news is that Amazon Prime members will now get instant streaming access to a library of content from ABC Studios, ABC Family, the Disney Channel, and Marvel, all of which will also be accessible on the Kindle Fire. Every episode of Lost, prior seasons of Grey's Anatomy, and a smattering of animated series from Marvel highlight the new selection added to Amazon's catalog. Prime is a $79 annual subscription service, but a month's free subscription is included with the Kindle Fire, so you can really put that media-consumption tablet through its paces before deciding if ABC, CBS and all the other content partners Amazon has lined up will provide you with what you're looking for.

Netflix, already a licensee to ABC's content, has today also announced the extension of the existing agreement between the two companies. It'll be accompanied by the addition of new episodes from shows like Alias, while retaining old favorites like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty.