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iPad 2 Halloween costume uses FaceTime to carve a painless hole in its wearer (video)

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iPad 2 Halloween_640px
iPad 2 Halloween_640px

Take two iPad 2s, strap them to your body, activate a FaceTime conversation between them, and what do you get? A spectacularly easy hole-in-the-belly simulator. The front-mounted cameras on both tablets send an image of what they see to the display of the other, resulting in a spooky, albeit not overwhelmingly realistic, illusion. This Halloween getup was put together by one Mark Rober, who also advises the use of some red paint to complete the horrifying look and the redundancy of a MiFi in the event you're not near a reliable Wi-Fi network. Got any better ideas for a tech-infused or -inspired Halloween costume? Tell us about them in the forums.