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iPad Facebook app ‘may never be released'

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Facebook iPad unofficial
Facebook iPad unofficial

We've been waiting for Facebook to reveal its iPad app ever since we first took hold of Apple's tablet, and although we've played with an accidentally leaked build, we still didn't see anything at f8. The delay seems to have bothered more than just us — according to his blog post, Facebook ex-engineer, Jeff Verkoeyen, left the company partly because of frustrations from development of the iPad app. He says it has been "feature complete" since May, but had a "perpetually moving" launch date, and now it "may never be released." He gives no details about the delays, and his original post has been replaced by a version with no mention of the iPad app and all smiles at Facebook.

Verkoeyen did, however, contact The Next Web to clarify that his time at Facebook was pleasant, and his frustrations with the iPad app were only part of the reason he left. He also emphasized that ‘feature complete" is not the same as complete and there were still bugs that needed to be worked out — we saw some indication of this in the leaked version in July, but it certainly wasn't months from completion. We still can't be sure when or if the app will be released, but we'll cross our fingers for something to be announced at Apple's October 4th event.