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Roku 2 gets new firmware, games: Pac-man, Galaga, and more

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Roku 2 XS
Roku 2 XS

There's a ton of competition among set-top box manufacturers, and it means everybody wins: in the last three weeks Western Digital and Boxee have delivered big updates to their boxes, and now Roku owners are getting theirs in the form of four new games. Pac-man Championship Edition, Galaga, Storm in a Teacup, and Angry Birds Seasons are now available in the Roku Channel Store, and can be downloaded to any Roku 2 box for $4.99. Of course, in order to play you'll also need the $29.99 Game Remote, which comes bundled with the Roku 2 XS but not other models, so your nostalgic Galaga play will come at a bit of a price.

Even if you're not into gaming on your Roku, the newest firmware for the latest streamers fixes a few issues, like with Netflix subtitles, and improves the network connectivity and performance of the box. It should hit devices automatically, but hit the source to see what's new, and how to get the update if you're impatient.