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GameStop now selling Android tablets

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GameStop tablets
GameStop tablets

GameStop is fully aware that the retail sale of physical copies of games isn't exactly the business model of the future. So, in addition to those pesky pre-order tie-ins, and a fledgling online game service (Impulse), GameStop is now banking on tablets as well to boost its bottom line. The retailer is now offering Android tablets from Acer, Asus, and Samsung, online and soon at 200 retail locations. If the pilot program is succesful, GameStop will expand it sometime next year. While the Iconia, Transformer, and Galaxy tablets are pretty stock, GameStop is offering some bundled games (including Dead Space) and an optional dual analog Bluetooth controller for $39 -- it's guaranteed to work with your tablet, but of course game compatibility might be a little spotty. Of course, none of this is as stunning as the original rumors of a GameStop-branded tablet, but it does sound a lot more reasonable. Our favorite part of this whole thing, however, are the words of an analyst in the WSJ writeup: "I don't think anyone is going to buy one."