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HTC reports strong Q3 earnings with explosive growth in China

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htc sensation xe
htc sensation xe

HTC released its final Q3 earnings report, and as the company predicted earlier, things are looking pretty good. Profits rose 63 percent to $625 million, which is at the low end of earlier projections, but nobody's disappointed. The growth was largely driven by a 93 percent increase in shipments over Q3 2010 to 13.2 million units. In comparison, Samsung, now the world's largest smartphone seller, shipped 28 million handsets last quarter. Sales in mainland China grew nine times over, making it the HTC's biggest growth region. The company attributes its success partially to Beats Audio phones like the Sensation XE and Sensation XL, and its quick adoption of Windows Phone Mango in the Titan and Radar. In China, the low-cost Wildfire and Explorer phones have attracted a steady stream of new customers. You can see the full results at the source.