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HP is out of TouchPads

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HP Touchpad
HP Touchpad

HP's posted a notice letting customers know that it's finally run out of TouchPads, which means that HP's "one last run" of the ill-fated tablet has run its course. If you're still hungry for the TouchPad you're going to be picking from scraps, since only small online merchants are showing them in stock. Best Buy is still offering the 32GB TouchPad for $149.99, but only if you pony up for an HP or Compaq computer as well — which could be a good deal if you really want to double-down on the controversy-free HP PC division.

While HP decided to keep its PC wing, the future of webOS is not as certain. New HP CEO Meg Whitman shared last week that it will be focusing on Windows 8 for future tablets, and resurrection of the TouchPad may not align with that strategy. HP says it will make a decision about webOS in the next couple months — but in the meantime, it's going out with a whimper.