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Kobo Vox delayed until November 7th

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Kobo Vox
Kobo Vox

If you were counting down the days until the Kobo Vox went on sale, you're just going to have to keep counting. Kobo has quietly told those who pre-ordered the 7-inch tablet / e-reader that it will not be shipping until November 7th, 11 days after its promised October 28th ship date. It's not a huge delay, but let's not forget that its closest competitor (and more anticipated) — Amazon's Kindle Fire — starts shipping not too far after on November 15th. We're planning to review the Vox as soon as we can get one in hand, but in the meantime, check out everything we know about it in our database.

Update: Looks like November 7th is going to be a big e-reader day. Barnes & Noble has just announced that it will be holding an event that morning, where we anticipate that the Nook Color 2 will be announced.