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New sensor could bring one-lens 3D to Samsung gadgets next year

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Eric Fossum is the inventor of the CMOS sensor, and at a lecture at Yale he discussed his work with Samsung creating a new generation of 3D imaging which won't be officially announced until February. The relevant part is starts at 51:45 into the video below, where he talks about the "Time Of Flight Range Sensor", which pulses an LED, and measure the reflected light to see how far away each area of an object is.

The current stages of this tech are projected to use a 192 x 108 pixel sensor, where each pixel maps an individual distance, allowing it to accurately capture where your entire body is in three dimensions, including individual fingers. Fossum thinks the next step will be creating 3D content using a 480 x 360 pixel sensor embedded into a 2-megapixel color sensor, like one found in a cellphone or camera. That way you can take a photo, and it'll combine the image and distance data to create a 3D scene, which you can plug into your 3DTV. What remains to be seen is if this will work with video as well as images, and if the 3D data is precise enough to create an accurate scene.

Thanks, Salem S.