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Lenovo device with Windows Phone spotted in China

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Possible Lenovo Windows Phone
Possible Lenovo Windows Phone

Back in December 2010, Microsoft announced that Lenovo would bring a Windows Phone device to China the second half of this year — and since that time, we've heard essentially nothing. This week, one of the company's product managers reportedly posted pictures of a mystery device running Microsoft's mobile platform. Engadget's China-based editor Richard Lai points out it's identical to the upcoming Android-powered Lenovo LePhone S2, and alas, there are no direct shots of the hardware buttons to corroborate. So is this a sign of things to come, or is it just some engineers having a little fun on the side? Hard to say, but if it is bound for the Chinese market, it'd likely require a lot of tweaking — government authorities aren't exactly keen on Facebook and Twitter integration.