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HP's Phil McKinney retires

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HP's Phil McKinney
HP's Phil McKinney

HP is keeping its PC division, but all the Pavilion desktops in the world can't seem to block the exit doors. Just one week after webOS developer Richard Kerris leaves the company (he's now working for Nokia), HP's Personal Systems Group CTO Phil McKinney has announced his retirement. In his goodbye letter, he makes it very clear that it's not a "traditional retirement" — meaning, he'll be publishing a book, blogging, podcasting, and if we had to venture a guess, eventually winding up at another company. McKinney, a very prominent figure in the company, has been at HP for almost a decade and was involved in the Blackbird, Firebird, Envy 133, Gabble, DreamScreen and others. He plans to be working during the transition and anticipates his last day to be December 31st of this year. A sad day for the history of the company, but of course, the first question that comes to mind is... who's next?