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Canon EOS-1D X hands-on

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Canon EOS-1D X
Canon EOS-1D X

Three things are immediately clear about the Canon EOS-1D X: it's huge, it's powerful, and it's huge. The new flagship DSLR is a full-frame shooter for pros only: when it hits the market next March, it will cost $6,800 for the body alone. You certainly do get what you pay for, though — the camera fires at incredible speeds (sounding like a machine gun the whole time), can dial up to ISO 51,200 natively, and has three processors inside to make everything blazing fast. We got to play with the camera a bit at the PhotoPlus convention in New York, and for those who can afford it this seems like it's among the cream of the crop of digital cameras. Check out the gallery below for a good look at the EOS-1D X.