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Plex announces a host of new features, including Windows client

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Formerly Mac-centric media center Plex has just launched version 0.9.5, codenamed Laika, and it's packed with a number of major new features. The biggest news is a new Windows client — a first for the brand, which also brings Media Center integration — along with drastically improved media support including Flash and Silverlight video, a new optimized skin, and support for the new myPlex features. MyPlex is a new way of connecting Plex clients to your server, including the popular Android and iOS applications, allowing you to stream your media anywhere via a login system. It also offers extra features like centralizing your media queue (think YouTube's watch later, but across all of your sources) and integrated sharing via your favorite social network.

The ecosystem growing around Plex is also encouraging — the app for Samsung connected devices has received an amazing-looking update, joining Roku and LG in offering Plex support; and the number of channels allowing access to the likes of Hulu and iPlayer mean you won't be short of content. The desktop apps are free and available now, so check out the source link if you feel like trying it.