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Nokia's Elop promises first 'Windows products' this quarter

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It's pretty much a given that Nokia will introduce its first Windows Phone device at Nokia World later this month. But could there be more? CEO Stephen Elop is quoted by Reuters saying that Nokia will introduce its first "products based on Windows" this quarter. Ruling out a Windows 7 tablet or update to the Nokia Booklet, Elop's statement would seem to indicate two or more Nokia handsets running the newly minted Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system -- presumably the same pair leaked in the fine print of a recent contest posting over at Microsoft Canada. Namely, we could be on the verge of seeing the launch of Searay (pictured), the N9 clone we've witnessed numerous times, and a mysterious new Sabre handset thought to be a 3.7-inch touchscreen slab. Whatever happens, we'll be there covering Nokia's announcements live starting October 26th.