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Samsung Media Hub Beta plays Galaxy S II video rentals on 2011 Smart TVs

Samsung's Media Hub beta allows users to share video between the Galaxy S II and 2011 Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung Media Hub
Samsung Media Hub

Samsung's Media Hub video rental and purchase service hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire, but that's not stopping the company from steadily rolling out new features: it is now beta testing a new version of the Media Hub app that lets you share your media to Samsung Smart TVs. You'll need both a Galaxy S II smartphone and a 2011 Smart TV to join in, but assuming you fall into that rather specific group, you can sign up for a chance to be included in the beta program. It's not clear yet if this is direct streaming from phone to television, or a continuous client approach where the TV picks up where you left off, but it has the potential to be a nice feature complementing an already powerful product. Samsung's also throwing in a $25 gift certificate for purchasing media — all the better to calm the nerves of those who run into beta product kinks, no doubt -- so if you own both products and are feeling lucky, check out the source below to sign up.