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Fujifilm to launch mirrorless camera system next year

Fujifilm scored a hit product this year with the FinePix X100, but it's looking to take things farther: the company announced today it will release its first interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras in 2012. Details are sparse, but given the specs of the X100, Fujifilm's clearly adept at putting big sensors into small cameras — we'd love to see the X100's APS-C sized sensor matched with interchangeable lenses, a combo that would match up well with something like the Sony NEX-C3. It's also possible that Fujifilm will pick up the Micro Four Thirds standard used by Panasonic and Olympus, but that's just fanboy fantasy right now the company hasn't said anything yet. The 2012 release is a little late to the interchangeable-lens party, but given the intense action in the market lately, it's clear that the party is just getting started.

Update: Fujifilm held a press conference last night, and CEO Shigetaka Komori said that the new cameras would feature "resolution and low noise [that] will surpass the 35mm full size sensor." That sounds more like PR-speak than a promise of a larger-than-full-frame sensor, but Fujifilm's certainly setting the bar high.