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Visa talks NFC-enabled Samsung Olympics phone and microSD cards

Samsung Olympics Phone
Samsung Olympics Phone

Earlier this year, Samsung and Visa announced a partnership to create an Olympics handset in conjunction with a plan to roll out greater contactless payment support for the London 2012 Games. And now Pocket-lint has dug up a bit more this week at the European Security Summit: the Samsung device will have NFC capabilities, access to Olympic content, and will be available worldwide. There's nary a mention of the phone's OS or software used for payments, but considering Visa did just announce a Google Wallet partnership it's more than possible that the phone will run Google's OS. Although, there's always Bada.

But Visa's thinking even bigger than just one handset: an executive revealed that the company is working on an NFC-infused microSD card solution that would allow most phones to make payments at the 70,000 locations in the UK and 160,000 terminals in Europe. It's certainly encouraging to hear that Visa's working towards increasing NFC and contactless payment support worldwide — now, let's hope that United States isn't among the last countries to benefit.