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Ice White Nintendo 3DS keeps it classy in Japan

Nintendo has announced a new Ice White color variant of its 3DS handheld gaming console.

Ice White Nintendo 3DS
Ice White Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's 3DS hasn't exactly taken off like previous devices, but the company is sticking to its tried and true portable roadmap: it's introducing more colors. The company just announced a new Ice White variant of the portable gaming device, which will be out in Japan on November 3rd. It will join the previously-revealed Misty Pink edition, bringing a total of five colors to the autostereoscopic line-up. There's no change in pricing — the new model will come in at ¥15,000 (about $196) — and no word yet on availability in the U.S., so domestic gamers will have to stick with Aqua Blue, Fire Red, and Cosmopolitan Black for now. How boring.