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Verizon 'stands ready... to help get the job done' on Universal Service Fund reform

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Verizon's senior VP of federal regulatory affairs, Kathleen Grillo, has indicated that her company is bullish on the FCC's intentions to shift the focus of the Universal Service Fund from landline telephones to broadband data — but naturally, she leaves herself wiggle room on the specifics pending the full plan:

We congratulate Chairman Genachowski for putting forward a plan to reform the broken intercarrier compensation and universal service programs. If done right, the reforms will connect millions of rural Americans to broadband networks and transform these programs to meet the needs of consumers in today's Internet- and broadband-centric society.

The FCC has a unique opportunity to put in place policies that will bring all the benefits of broadband connectivity to millions of additional consumers. Verizon stands ready to continue working with the FCC, the industry coalition and other policymakers to help get the job done.