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Google / Samsung holding event on October 11th, Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus coming?

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Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 Invite
Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 Invite

We just got invited to Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 at CTIA's fall show on October 11th out in San Diego, a press conference where the company will pull the covers off its latest devices. The fact that Samsung is holding the event comes as no surprise — it's par for the course. What is notable, though, is the fact that this one is called the "Google Episode," complete with Google co-branding at the bottom of the invite and a note that we'll "get a look at what's new from Android." That certainly suggests to us that Google has something to show here - and considering how well the timing lines up with the Ice Cream Sandwich release timeline and the Galaxy Nexus / Nexus Prime rumors, we'd say it's a lock. We'll know for sure in a couple weeks.