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French company Bookeen details high speed E Ink display reader

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey e-reader detailed with a high speed E Ink screen.

Bokeeen Cybook Odyssey
Bokeeen Cybook Odyssey

French e-reader company Bookeen has announced details of its new Cybook Odyssey e-reader. While this one may not get any attention for its design or looks, there is a truly standout feature: its display. Bookeen has taken E Ink's Pearl display technology and customized it, resulting in what it calls HSIS, or 'high speed ink system." The results truly are high speed, as you can see in the video below. While the reader's screen technology has been shown off plenty of times in the past year, no actual product has surfaced until now.

The Cybook Odyssey reader has a 6-inch full touchscreen display, without (apparently) sacrificing battery life. Full specifications haven't been revealed, but we do know that the reader has a Texas Instruments 800MHz Cortex A8 processor and Wi-Fi onboard. It's also got access to Bookeen's 50,000 French-language titles.

The Cybook Odyssee e-reader is expected to ship in Europe within the next few weeks. No pricing is available.