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Creepy open source iCub robot shows off its toddler-like abilities

The toddler-like iCub robot is spotted in a new video featuring it crawling in a creepy way.

icub crawling
icub crawling

Do you remember the robots of yesteryear? There were canines, vacuum cleaners, movie stars, and more, but none mimicked human babies and did so as creepily as the iCub. Originally designed for studying human cognition, this seemingly cute toddler-bot has previously been spotted shooting arrows (in an adorable outfit!) and making fun facial expressions; the latest iCub video features the robot crawling in an accurate-but-creepy manner.

If you've let the iCub slip from your mind (it has been around since 2004, after all), you should know that there's some impressive tech going into that crawl. While us humans typically have nothing to worry about when it comes to moving on all fours, it has been a different story when it comes to our metallic brethren. Crawling tests the iCub's coordination, balance, and ability to interact with its environment. The iCub takes advantage of 53 motors, several gyroscopes and accelerometers, and artificial vision and hearing to accomplish the feat.

Doesn't sound terribly fear-inducing, right? Trust us on this one (and if you don't, check out the video after the break).