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Acer and Asus expected to ship just 200,000 ultrabooks this year, disappointed by sales

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Acer Ultrabook_800px
Acer Ultrabook_800px

Intel has been doing everything in its power to push ultrabooks to success, but the market doesn't seem to be getting the message. DigiTimes reports that Acer and Asus have accumulated drastically fewer sales than expected and are now revising their shipping estimates for this year to 100,000 each. That's down from an anticipated tally of between 200,000 and 300,000 shipments each, indicating just how wide a gap has materialized between the expectations for the ultra-thin and -light machines and their actual retail performance. A major reason cited for this is pricing, with the home Taiwanese market facing starting prices of $1,100 and above, giving both the Aspire S3 and Zenbook lines an uphill climb to overcome. Still, these are early days for the nascent category of super-slim machines and Intel's Ivy Bridge processors plus Windows 8's arrival in 2012 may yet catalyze an uptick in the ultrabook's fortunes. And if not, there's always the MacBook Air, right?