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Life in a Day movie now available to stream on YouTube

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Life in a Day
Life in a Day

Google's quest to make YouTube into something bigger and better than just a cute cat video repository has taken another step forward with the addition of the full Life in a Day film to its library of free content. Admittedly, YouTube had a big part to play in the making of the documentary, as it was put together from over 4,500 hours of video uploaded to Google's video portal, but it's still rare to see a feature film make its way from a wide cinema release to becoming a free online commodity in such a short time. The premise of Life in a Day very much lives up to its title, as the film tracks the happenings, both mundane and exciting, in people's lives through the day of July 24th, 2010. We've embedded the full 95-minute tract below and there are subtitles in 25 languages to choose from. How convenient is that?