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Asus facing HDD shortage due to Thailand floods, only has enough to last the month

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WD flooding
WD flooding

It's not a happy news sort of morning over in Taiwan, where Asus CFO David Chang has told Reuters he expects the company to lower its revenue estimates for the fourth quarter due to production constraints brought on by the floods in Thailand. Specifically, Chang's company says it has enough hard disk drives in its inventory to last only until the end of the month, at which point the only viable products it'll be able to ship will presumably be the higher-end SSD-equipped models. Of course, that's assuming there won't be a change in current circumstances, which is unlikely, but it does provide a stark illustration of the impact those floods are having on the electronics industry. Prices of hard drives are fluctuating pretty wildly at the moment, with rises between 20 and 40 percent according to Chang, and the likely outcome seems to be that at least some of this hardship will be reflected in the prices Asus is able to offer in stores.