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Seagate introduces 1TB per platter Barracuda drives

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Seagate's toning up its Barracuda hard drives today: the entire line now features 1TB per platter storage density, spins at 7,200RPM, and falls under the general Barracuda branding — the old "Green" and "XT" names are gone. Seagate isn't the first to ship 1TB per platter drives — Hitachi brought some similar drives to market back in September — but we're more excited about the company's promise to ship a faster hybrid SSD/HDD model using the technology sometime soon.

Anandtech has already got its hands on the new 3TB Barracuda drive, and says that in tests it runs "noticeably" quicker than the outgoing flagship Barracuda XT. The drives are available now, with the 3TB flagship priced at $209.99.