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Leap Wireless plans to launch LTE test network by the end of 2011

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Cricket Coverage
Cricket Coverage

Leap Wireless, parent of mid-tier carrier Cricket, is delivering details of its LTE plans: a test market will be live in Tucson, AZ by the end of 2011, with two-thirds of its current coverage area on 4G in the next two to three years. However, Leap's CEO told Fierce Wireless not to expect devices until mid-to-late 2012, indicating there's still a lot of work to be done before this technology is ready for consumers. While it's good to see Leap begin to outline its LTE plans, it's certainly trailing behind competitor MetroPCS, who launched an LTE network in late 2010. That 4G network has not exactly received rave reviews, though — Leap may be able to close in on Metro PCS if it can roll out a better 4G experience.