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Duke Nukem 3D arrives on Android Market for $0.99

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Duke Nukem 3D Android
Duke Nukem 3D Android

Fifteen years after Duke Nukem boldly strode into the third dimension, developers are milking his back-catalog for all it's worth, and today the vaporware king has made it to Android Market only two weeks after his original promise. You can download it right now for Android tablets or smartphones for less than a dollar. It looks like a fairly faithful port of the PC original — by way of an iOS port two years ago — though of course you're looking at touchscreen controls rather than a mouse and keyboard.

I gave the game a brief spin just now and found it worked fairly well on my Droid 2, and though I missed my physical buttons, you can adjust the touchscreen controls quite a bit to match your preferences. It's also worth noting that the whole game isn't included in your purchase — you'll pay an additional 99 cents for the second and third episodes of the game, and there are advertisements in each menu. Where else are you going to get your fill of post-apocalyptic alien-filled Los Angeles on mobile, though?