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PlugBug adds a 10W USB charger to your MacBook's power adapter

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Twelve South has introduced the PlugBug, a clever new USB charger that attaches to your Macbook's power adapter. The red and white block will charge both your Macbook and any USB device at the same time — including devices that require a 10W adapter for high speed charging like the iPad. That's one less wall-wart to carry around -- or rather, you can carry one, slightly larger wall-wart around instead of two.

The device only comes in a US-plug variety, but Twelve South points out that at least international users can use it as a compatible adapter when they visit North America. The PlugBug also works on its own as a USB charger and comes with a small cover for when you use it that way. It's available now for $34.99. Below, find a gallery and the full sales pitch from Guy Kawasaki.