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New Android Market leaks, adds auto-download options

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Android Market Update
Android Market Update

Version 3.3.11 of the Android Market has leaked out and assuming this version is close to what will be officially distributed, it will be adding a few much-needed features. The first and most-important is that Google is tweaking auto-download settings yet again by giving users the option to make auto-update the default setting, making it easier to auto-update apps on Android. You can also tick a box to "Update over Wi-Fi only" to save precious megabytes on your cellular data plan and probably improve your battery life to boot. When you download a new app for the first time, you can opt to have it automatically add a shortcut to your homescreen. There are plenty of other nuances to be found, including a new icon, smaller fonts, more visible star ratings, and the voice-button on the default Market search.

Rumor has it the update is being pushed out to handsets now, so it hopefully it won't be too long until it arrives on your Android device. If you decide to jump the gun early by visiting the source link below, note that there are reports that this version of Android Market doesn't play nicely on all devices — especially tablets.

Find a gallery of screenshots from the new Android Market below.