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Adobe ramping down Flash for TV as well

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Adobe is giving up on Flash for televisions as well, dealing a short-term blow to Google TV

Google TV
Google TV

In addition to killing the Flash browser plug-in for mobile devices, Adobe is also ramping down development of the Flash plugin for televisions. The company said as much in a statement to GigaOm, saying that it would "continue to support existing licensees who are planning on supporting Flash Player for web browsing on digital home devices." Although Adobe's statement leaves the door open for the company to continue to support Flash on TV for a short while longer, it's clear that the company is focusing its current and future efforts on supporting Adobe Air on those platforms.

The most popular devices that use Adobe Flash on televisions are based on Google TV, but the platform has had a difficult time gaining widespread adoption. Although the recent 3.1 update enabling apps like Plex means that Google TV is less dependent on Flash for displaying video, Adobe's decision is still a short term blow for the platform.