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Kinect Beatwheel remixes music samples on the fly

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The Beatwheel is a Kinect hack that lets you move your arms to remix an audio loop in real time.

Kinect Beatwheel
Kinect Beatwheel

Microsoft's Kinect has inspired plenty of useful hacks, but the Beatwheel seems designed to party — it lets you remix audio loops in real time with a simple wave of the hand. The UI splits a sound sample into segments wrapped around you like a clock, and plays whichever one you point to. A green bar shows what's currently playing, a red dot follows your hand around to select the next segment, and a blue tempo indicator shows you how fast the music is playing. You can also adjust the playback speed and number of segments, or play them in reverse by swinging your arm counterclockwise. Ryan Challinor put together the Beatwheel for Music Hack Day in Boston last weekend, but if you missed that, you can watch a demo in the video below.