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Siri hack allows you to access system settings and apps with your voice

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A javascript trick allows users to launch apps and system settings for the iPhone 4S using Siri, though it still doesn't offer totally hands-free operation.

main siri
main siri

Siri may not be able to do everything for you yet, but iPhone users are finding creative ways to expand its capabilities. It turns out there's a fairly simple way to add shortcuts to different apps and system preferences to your contact list, which is of course accessible by Siri. All you need to do is create a contact and name it after the preference or app you want to access, and then paste a little bit of javascript into the URL field of your new contact. You can then ask Siri to bring up that contact, and tap the URL in the contact info to launch the app or system preference.

If that sounds clunky — it is. We've spent a little time playing around with it, and while it technically works, it doesn't save time over the standard methods, and you still need to tap the screen to actually launch the desired item. It's a cute trick, but we're hoping Apple allows for some true extensibility in Siri versions to come.