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Verizon's LTE data promotion designed to help clear EV-DO for the iPhone

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Verizon's offer of extra data for its LTE customers is designed to take the pressure off the slower 3G network needed by its iPhone customers.

iphone 4s big
iphone 4s big

Verizon's promotion of double data caps for its 4G LTE customers took everyone by surprise — we've become accustomed to seeing buckets shrink and move away from unlimited for a couple years now. Of course, there's a perfectly good reason behind the promotion: speaking at a conference yesterday, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo noted that the deal is designed to incentivize subscribers to move into its LTE network to make more room for the iPhone, which is a notoriously data-intensive device that tops out at EV-DO (for now, anyway). Shammo also said that he wants to "make sure" he doesn't have to add any additional EV-DO capacity to accommodate the iPhone — a wasted investment, considering everything is moving to LTE in the long term — so freeing up 3G capacity with a nice plan deal is a creative way to go.

Though Verizon's EV-DO service is generally slower than AT&T's HSPA, there haven't been any widespread complaints of the network grinding to a halt as there have been on Sprint — so for now, Shammo's move would appear to be a proactive one. Better to plan ahead, of course.