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Senate defeats bill that would have overturned net neutrality rules

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The Senate defeated a bill that would have overturned the FCC's net neutrality rules.


It was close — just 52-46 — but the Senate just voted down a bill that would have overturned the FCC's Open Internet rules. That means the wireline-focused net neutrality package will go into effect November 20th as planned, although it's likely Verizon will file a lawsuit to challenge it in short order. It also means there wont be a showdown between Congress and the White House over net neutrality just yet — the White House earlier this week promised that the President would be advised to veto any legislation that threatened the Open Internet initiative. There's also support in the industry: just before the vote Senator Al Franken read a letter to the FCC signed by Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and eBay urging the introduction of net neutrality principles.

We'll see how long this particular peace holds — and if the FCC's decision to leave wireless broadband mostly unregulated for now is enough to keep Verizon and other carriers out of the courtroom.