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T-Mobile adds customers and grows revenue in Q3 2011

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T-Mobile just announced its Q3 2011 financials, with net customers and revenue both growing slightly over the previous quarter, but dropping slightly compared to the year-ago quarter.

T-Mobile UK
T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile just posted its Q3 2011 financials, and the carrier managed to add customers and slightly grow revenue despite the looming spectre of AT&T's planned purchase. It only managed 126,000 net new customers, which is better than the 50,000 that T-Mobile shed last quarter. Revenue measured $4.67 billion, up one percent from last quarter, but down one percent from Q3 2010. T-Mobile credited its subscriber growth to a combination of its unlimited Value plans as well as prepaid unlimited 4G plans, but also pointed out that continued subscriber growth in Q4 was going to be difficult due to the iPhone 4S. As the only major US carrier without the iPhone, T-Mobile definitely has a distinct disadvantage compared to its competitors.