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This is my next: the Galaxy Nexus

This is my next: the Galaxy Nexus


The Galaxy Nexus is probably the next phone I purchase... and I'm counting off the days until it's in my hands

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This is my next is a special feature where editors of The Verge sound off on their latest deep, dark desires from the world of technology.

Several months ago, after using or reviewing pretty much every Android phone on the market, I caved and bought myself a Nexus S. A white one, in case you were wondering. I'd been craving a pure Google experience device that I could count on to get the latest updates. After spending some quality time with Motorola's Atrix 4G, I was really ready for a phone that just worked the way Google wanted it to (and wasn't always one version behind).

When I reviewed the Nexus S at Engadget, I wasn't exactly over the moon about it. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid phone, but it still seemed to be lagging behind its competition (namely, the iPhone 4 at the time). But since I pretty much live in Gmail, Google Docs, and Reader, having an Android device isn't just a change of pace — it's a productivity booster. I find that I'm far more efficient when it comes to work when mobile on the Nexus S compared to my experiences with the iPhone or Windows Phone (or webOS, or BlackBerry).

It also probably helps that the gaming and app selection is... slightly less distracting than that of the iPhone. Though it actually does drive me kind of crazy that the app choices are so much leaner on Android devices. Really, so much leaner.

Still, I've been relatively happy with the Nexus S, even if there are issues with the phone (and Android in general) that have bothered me. For instance, the device can feel clunky and sluggish, and Android still carries a lot of the baggage it's had since version 1.0. I love some aspects of it, but big minuses in both the OS and hardware (like its terrible camera) have been making me long for something more. Something cohesive and polished.

When we began to hear rumors about the next flagship Android device (then called the "Nexus Prime"), I started to get giddy. I knew that the next phone I bought was most likely going to be the new iPhone (which turned out to be the 4S), or this mystery device.

That mystery device was the Galaxy Nexus - and I'm pretty sure that it's my next phone.

Now, I'm not saying the new iPhone isn't awesome. It's awesome. It's a great phone. I love it. You can read my review of it right here.

But there's something incredibly attractive to me about this new flagship Android phone. Maybe it's the super high resolution screen (720p). Maybe it's the fact that I've been dying to get an LTE device. Or maybe — just maybe — it's the idea of a way more polished and user-friendly version of Android.

Who can say? All I know is that I have serious gadget lust for the device, and I'm ticking off the days on my calendar until I can get it in my hands.

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