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iOS 5.0.1 starts rolling out to iPhones and iPads, battery life fixes in tow

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ios 5 iphone 4
ios 5 iphone 4

iOS 5.0.1 has been made available to the general populace by Apple, a build that promises to improve battery life. Other changes include the addition of multitasking gestures to the original iPad, unspecified "bug fixes" for Documents in the Cloud, and improved voice dictation for Australian users — it would seem iOS 5 didn't appreciate that Aussie accent.

The Verge's team members aren't seeing over-the-air updates on their phones yet, but it's available in iTunes — so grab it and sound off on any changes in battery life you're seeing.

Update: It looks as though the OTA version of the update is now widely deployed. Charlie Miller, who discovered an unsigned code vulnerability in iOS recently — and was kicked out of the iOS Developer Program as a result — reports that the exploit has been patched in this version as well.