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The OLogic AMP will play your music, follow you around, and even hold your drink

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AMP robot
AMP robot

At this year's RoboBusiness Conference, OLogic showed off two robots designed to interface with your cellphone. One was Oddwerx, which used your smartphone as a face for a digital pet, but miles cooler was the AMP — Automated Music Personality. Hoped to be released next year for $300-$400, the AMP will follow you around the party, stream your music through its speakers, and will even come equipped with a cupholder. That's right, he'll be like R2D2 on Jabba's barge, dispensing drinks and smooth beats while tailing you. He can be controlled by remote, smartphone app for Android and iOS, or buttons on the body, and will doubtless be the coolest thing ever until someone drunkenly kicks him halfway through the night.